The Best Android App for Sports News

Sport is a core part of the entertainment with a high number of fans that is continually increasing.

The Best Android App for Sports News

Sport is a core part of the entertainment with a high number of fans that is continually increasing. With different types of existing sports, there is even more dominance of sport aside from others considering the number of enthusiasts. Sports fans love being updated about what’s happening on and off the pitch even when they can’t sit near a TV or radio. The increasing dominance of smartphones’ usage has brought about innovative ways to bring these notices to sports lovers on the go. Applications have been made and have increasingly caused a rivalry between other sports news providers. Features that are integrated into each app are different based on the service provider, but they are only trying to outsmart their competition. They, however, bear in mind the sports fans they are making them for.

The number of existing sports news

The number of existing sports news apps with the diverse features they offer can make it uneasy to settle for an app that can be called the best. From local to international apps, there are lots of choices to select from. There are a few that stand out with embedded specifications that in turn create an increase in popularity. ESPN is a sports news app that originates from North America and is popular. The sports application is dominating with its TV presence, and it is satiating sports fans with quality news. These sports views are not restricted to television alone as it is now possible to enjoy the same on the go.

ESPN is not a one-sport app

ESPN is not a one-sport app since it features several sports types and events with evident sponsorships in a few. The app is continuously feeding its users with up-to-date sports news, leading to over 3 million downloads. ESPN features different sports that include the NBA, NFL, WNBA, and others. It is very possible to find minor league games on the app often. Sports news is updated daily on ESPN’s app and is not limited to pitch actions alone. Trade news that includes players’ transfers and more are updated from time to time in the app. Schedules for sports events can also be found in the app, allowing you to follow the fixtures’ calendar.

The Best Android App for Sports News

The application offers real-time score updates for featured sports, allowing you to keep track of the game. In case you missed a match, you can always check into the application for the match’s information and even see highlights from the match. This international sports app offers the basics for free but more for a fee. The ESPN+ is the paid service of the ESPN app and offers more exciting attributes that sports lovers will want. If you miss a match, and you cannot follow up its highlight as it is happening, you can watch the whole match again irrespective of the sport’s type.

With an ESPN+ subscription, you can access sports shows and hints. The best catch is that you can watch a live match right on your mobile phone with this subscription. NBA and NFL games are exclusions from the live games while games from NHL, MLB and MLS are shown during their active seasons.

Documentaries are also featured on this paid option plus game analysis and recaps that feature popular sports presenters. Live boxing matches require that you pay an extra charge for a PPV event before you can watch it on the ESPN app. There are numerous features that come with the paid service, but the free includes basic content that is okay for sports fans. The ten-over-ten news service is a great peck that ESPN has over the others, which has made it stand out. ESPN’s attractive interface that is made easy to use has made it draw several active users to itself. You will have no problem finding your way around the Android Sports app.

Ads popping up is a part of the cons of using this app as they advertise for other companies but this is common in sports apps. For a huge fan of the NBA or NFL, this sports news app might not be the best for you if you are keenly interested in watching matches live. The cost of subscribing to the paid service is relatively low compared to most platforms, making it an ideal application for sports enthusiasts.